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“The galaxy needs a new craze for all you losers”. You’ve got my attention, I’m a loser living in a terrifying modern world, so what have you got for me? Well let’s take a robot, throw a bunch of parts together and jump into an arena where we play something futbol. Two-on-two or one-on-one, this side scroller arena sport robot shooter soccer deathmatch game is going to be quite a ride. We’re not even talking about that amalgam of genres sandwiched together in this crazy title, we’re looking at an online sport with a simple concept and fast paced gameplay at its very core. 5 Minutes Rage has a strange and cynical view of the future if we want to describe style, taking us back to the 90’s (which is the new 80’s).

Players will customize their junkbots from head to… toe? Boot? What we’re saying is that you can throw together whatever body parts you want. It doesn’t matter, it’s gonna get tossed around an arena by other robots, or that ball. So the point here is to jump on in and blast away your opponents and score goals. It’s so much easier to put a ball through a goal if there’s no one standing in front of it, right? Maybe you’d rather be a bully and humiliate your opponent instead, so why not blast them into their own goal? I guess that counts for points, so there’s no reason to hesitate if the opportunity arises. You could do it the old fashioned way and pass the ball around to your teammate, but if that starts to get old, or difficult, you can resort to violence, that always solves the problem, right? 5 Minutes Rage is on Steam Greenlight, and is currently accepting applications for their beta by simply signing up for the newsletter!

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