5 Minutes Rage – Beta Code Giveaway [2000] [Ended]

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Update 2: The giveaway ended. Thanks for joining and congrats to the winners!

Update: We now have 2000 beta codes to give away! Giveaway ending on the 25th March at 9 PM GMT.

Are you ready for some awesome multiplayer action?! Now’s your chance to get into the beta for Indomitus Games’s upcoming 2.5D online action multiplayer game 5 Minutes Rage.

We were provided with a handful of beta access codes for 5 Minutes Rage to giveaway, and we’re not limited with the number of keys at the moment, so more code will be added the more people will participate in the giveaway, be it 100 or 1000! You can also sign-up for the game’s beta in general for double the chances of playing the beta.

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