Game Testing Re-Imagined

Game Testing Re-Imagined

Stitch, a project by Future Beta Gamer, is an open-ended free games testing platform, where passionate gamers around the world gather to help play-test games and aim to provide highly detailed feedback reports, helping game developers make a better game at no extra cost, the best possible solution for games quality assurance.

Our goal is to help indie game developers first and foremost, to test their games for any technical or design issues, iron out any low to high level bugs, validate interest and retention rates, as well as some marketing and PR aid when and if available.

Game Testers

Gamers who're part of Stitch will benefit from getting early access to their favorite and other interesting games, ones that we managed to get into our system, where they'll play-test them and provide their feedback to developers, and all the while they'll be ranking up points that'll be used to net them with premium games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Rocket League, Slime Rancher and hundreds of other games for free.

Get Earlier Access to awesome games, be part of a game's success upon launch, and get games for free in the process. Read more about this process.

Game Developers

Game Creators will have access to a large pool of play-testers, ones that will eagerly be wanting to provide feedback for your game. We'll discuss with you about your game, its current development state as well as trying out the game ourselves so we can better organize tests and get the best results possible.

Another added bonus is that you'll have the opportunity to present your game to content creators, members of the press and journalists, providing you for a chance to increase awareness for your game.

Content Creators & Press

Youtubers, Twitch Streamers, Bloggers, Journalists, and anyone who's producing reviews, previews, let's plays and whatever other entertainment content based on playing games, will benefit from having access to our search results, where we heavily and actively go look for and find games in development, providing you with a competitive edge by covering interesting and highly anticipated games or hidden gems that might boom in popularity in the future, increasing your good relations with a lot of developers, expanding your content variety, most likely see a rise in viewership and grow your fan-base.

Community & Support

This isn't just a one man's  journey to bring about the best solution for games testing, but a commitment to get all the help possible from passionate gamers, to help small and large game developers with their games and release them in the best possible state for every gamer out there to enjoy. This strive for a better games' industry can't be done without your help.

Come over and join our Discord server to chat with us and everyone involved from developers, testers and content creators.

Current State & The Future

Right now Stitch is in a prototype state, with minimum functionality from registering and making an account, a point system followed with a games reward page and a section for announcing game tests and signing-up for them.

The future holds more features and functionality towards making a more robust games testing system, from improving what's currently available and having more tools for developers and play-testers to better suite their needs.