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A game-testing platform that connects game-developers with play-testers, where developers would reward testers with points, used to acquire premium games, when they submit quality feedback and bug reports.

Made For


Start receiving quality-focused feedback and bug reports for your games, review and rate them while rewarding your play-testers with points to spend on premium games


Get earlier access to games, play-test and send in your feedback, then get rewarded by gaining experience and/or points to spend on claiming premium games

Tester Journey


Sign-up and and get invited to play-test games early in development

Submit Feedback

Submit your feedback and any bugs you encounter

Claim Games

Get rewarded with points, when available, to spend on premium games

Developer Journey

Submit Game

Submit your game, write your feedback form questions, purchase points (optional), and begin getting testers

Review Reports

Start receiving and reviewing tester-feedback and bug reports as they come in, reward quality reporting

Apply Feedback

Fix, optimize and refine your game with the feedback you've collected from passionate testers

Our Mission

Provide game developers with the best cost-effective QA solutions

Dirt Cheap

We think of indie game developers first, that's why most of what we offer is free

Quality Focused

We prioritize thorough testing and quality reporting, educating our testers with best testing practices & etiquette

Services Plus

We will provide what most QA firms offer and more with our own unique twist